Hailians Alumni Lunch 2018

Reflecting back in time to the times at HCC, a beautiful period when life we knew before was subjected through a unique and exciting experience of reshaping and remodeling, blended with increasing practicalities, equipped to accept challenges with potential for logic based reasoning embedded.

Regularity, punctuality, persistence and dedication replaced the in hitherto casual and younger minds. Purpose of entrepreneurship with an outcome oriented strategic direction. Living in hostels, frowning at the piles of assignment, swallowing the lectures, participatory tutorials…..we managed to smile. Professional life at work, after all those years, taking a coffee break, we still smile as the nostalgia creeps up from a remote and isolated brain corner. Where ever we are, whatever we do, however we do ….. HCC we can’t forget you.


Thursday, February 8 at 12 PM – 3 PM

Contact Mr. Hafiz Abusufyan Iqbal Coordinator: 03014765297 for Registration.